For more than 50 years Brunnschweiler has been dedicated to supplying air technology solutions to the paper industry. Now, Brunnschweiler technology can be obtained more easily in the North American market through its new subsidiary BRUNNSCHWEILER USA


Brunnschweiler combines technology skills and material science knowledge with a customer-focused design approach to bring innovative, high-efficiency solutions to the paper industry.”


  Kleissler's designs and Intellectual Property Rights have been   acquired by Brunnschweiler, USA.  Brunnschweiler is excited
  about the opportunity to serve your needs for new Dust Control   Equipment as well as parts for your Kleissler systems. 


  Brunnschweiler, USA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of
  Brunnschweiler, S.A, which is a 50 year-old firm,
  headquartered in Spain, that specializes in air technology
  for the paper industry.

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